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market analysis

We can help you improve your product offerings in a flash with a feasibility study, customer analysis, performance bench-marking, mystery shopping and market surveys.

product development

With experience of successfully launching a series of new fundraising products, both in the UK and overseas, we can help you get your good idea off the ground.

event systems

We build user-friendly online forms to gather information, and securely store it 'in-the-cloud' on robust databases. We also create visually appealing interfaces to help you manage your data 24/7.

strategic insight

Let us illuminate your decision-making with clear-sighted intelligence. We can help you spark new ideas that are right for you and your target-market, right now.

project management

With 20 years event management experience, we can quickly get a grip of your current event(s) and manage them on an interim basis.

data visualisation

We are skilled in data-manipulation and visualisation techniques, enabling us to interpret your data, integrate it with data from other sources, including external APIs, and communicate it in meaningful ways.

About Us

Heroic Adventures is a new event development consultancy. We specialise in the management and promotion of adventure challenges, with a particular focus on fundraising events. We have over 20 years fundraising experience with some of the top charities both in the UK and overseas. We believe that well-managed sponsored challenges in the outdoors can provide an inspiring opportunity, as well as a safe framework, for ordinary people to achieve something extraordinary: both for themselves, and others.

We have experience of promoting and delivering all kinds of sponsored challenges including:

  • long-distance treks
  • cycle tours
  • running events including mini, standard marathon and ultra distances
  • overseas challenges, from cycling across the Andes to trekking in Bhutan
  • a nationwide bungy-jumping tour

We have created Heroic Adventures to offer this expertise to more organisations. We also recognise that such events represent one of the most sophisticated forms of fundraising available to a charity, requiring focused and careful management to ensure that they are delivered in a safe, successful and sustainable manner.

Key to our approach is cost-effective recruitment and an unremitting emphaisis on customer care. We never forget that whilst your event may involve accomplishing a challenge within a given time-limit of, say, several hours, your customers' experience of it begins before the 'first hello' and lasts long after your final 'thank you'.

We also believe that data provides the key to effective day to day management. Whether this relates to controlling the flow of Participants, Supporters and Volunteers along the course of the event, stock control of medals, T-shirts etc, or organising complex transport and accommodation logistics for thousands of people. We excel at gathering, managing, analysing and displaying data in meaningful forms, to help you manage your events more effectively.

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